"Please Hold" never sounded so good!

We produce on-hold messages and music for any business.


Information On Hold will help improve your professional image, cross-sell your services, and keep your callers entertained and informed until you are available to service them. Studies show 85% of callers prefer to hear product and service information over silence or music. Remember, playing the radio over your phone is not free. To avoid the violation of copyright laws, fees for usage  must be paid to ASCAP and BMI. By using Information On Hold, you eliminate this concern.

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Your callers remember over 75% of the information they hear while "on hold." INFORMATION ON HOLD will become the heart of your marketing strategy. INFORMATION ON HOLD successfully produces  professional messages and music-on- hold  programs. We combine state-of-the-art sound technology, custom-written scripts, outstanding narration, and superior music. These provide your callers the very best in appealing, intelligent, and effective on-hold message services. For your callers this means improved image, and better marketing.


Consider this...

Our program enables you to;

  • Decrease caller hang-ups and unhappy callers
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Reinforce your customers reasons for calling
  • Introduce products and services

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